100 Themes 001: Introduction / Conclusion ? (Fractal Expansion)


Introduction: Realizing again and again that, that like death and birth, the (ultimate) answer, after the (ultimate) search, is just the beginning of the next (ultimate) question or questions… in a similar fashion, arrival marks the point of departure from where we were, just as we go somewhere new.

It is a point in time, or a place in space. A doorway. A gate.

I have come to see that every time I’ve reached an answer after a long search, effortless or strenuous, I’ve without fail arrived at a knowing that this had opened a door to so many more questions.

The conclusion of anything is not the end, but rather the birth of something exponentially greater.

It is a portal. An opening into… not just an opening… and opening “INTO” (more).

The early death and disappointment, for example the conclusion of relationships, interactions I had thought at first were the ultimate of experience in love… Man, was I wrong!! As it ended and after the gush of the tears, from the portal of expressing the pain and the hurt, was born a new truth, a light, and the promise of a new love. And without fail, it has always been more.

…as I write this, I wonder what I mean by “more”? If love is ultimate, then can love possibly be more?

The best way I find to describe it, is probably “more conscious, more present, more purposeful, more meaningful, more purity, MORE TRUE LOVE”… inevitably, more growth.

Notable too, is the similarity in experience, the repeating of a pattern, as if to say, “Well, level up then! You’ve met all the challenges of level one of this game. Now go to level two! Same game, more to get through, and in less time.”

Growth!! Fibonacci series… the golden ratio… the way nature expands/grows… fractals… lalala… all that jazz… duh!? … And! All along I had thought that it was about my poor breaking heart? Which, actually, it is, considering compassion, awareness and healing, which is the REAL growth. But lets not labor the expansion further of our perception of this perpetual process that we have come to love.

Noted, in my previous paragraph, we ended up with LOVE, and a greater experience (and realization) of love in fact… as a result of love that had concluded…

In conclusion… My introduction:

I’ve embarked on a journey today, and this is the first item of expression into my new world, experience and creation.

This is a new fractal expansion, out of a previous, one of several…

This is another birth at a portal.


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