fish out of water

have you ever wondered, if a fish had feelings, what it would feel like to be out of water?
would it feel anything, panic, pain, shock, cold, warmth, or would it be stunned and overwhelmed and would it choose to numb or maybe even surrender to wonder?
would it really gape and search for ‘breath’ or for water?

would the frenzied flappy struggle really be an attempt to go back to how it was before or would it be an involuntary reaction, by instinct and physical nature, to a different environment, in which it is trying to swim, as it did before, but simply cannot, by science, grace or nature?

why would it have landed on land, out of the water, anyway?

but here we are now.. on land.
what options are there,
if one has no sink and no swim?

and more importantly… am i a fish?


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