Live or Alive? Digital Existence & Social Media


you see two sides of me or six maybe

i show you what i filter and what you see still creates itself in your mind

filters that filter through filters


if all the worlds are together here then why should we need reality?

if we can log in and out as we wish

what is life and death for then?


how similar are you, android existence, to my life, my reality, my flesh?

not at all! except marginally in images and that which i consciously project.

a fraction not even.

you are a view i have manufactured by limited, immensely limited tools.

and yet, too often, you are the place of my first judgement.


be with me, human? manifest!

in more than merely this digital existence?

i have not come to pretend in two dimensions and your mind alone

i have come to dance and be tangible

i have come to love the world

which is

my body and yours



– for writing challenge: Worlds Colliding 


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