with soil beneath my finger nails

and mud between my toes

i’ll walk this earth on joyous trails

and trust in all that grows



Enter Autumn


falling leaves or love

i can still plant before winter comes?

i have a list, a list of potential…

if only i would plant it…

maybe, if I’m careful, tomatoes still…

leaves will start falling soon,

as goodbye tears from summer

’till again, and later more

to wait for the sun to hide away so we may miss him.

without missing him we won’t feel the joy of his return

how silly us humans, having to pain in order to pleasure.

how many summers do we waste in our lifetimes after rejoicing on their return?

is it possible for us to live, simply, off the earth again?

should we even try?

how many tomatoes could you care for,

while you think its up to you

to love them or not?