live for what if its all about meaning?

After two/three years of self-imposed ‘disciplinary action’ in my world, to reel me-self in and restore balance after some rather high highs and low lows, conclusions are starting to surface… One of these little gems I’ve “learnt” (as if we didn’t know before) is that mediocre things that make sense stands awfully much in the way of ecstatic bohemian experiences that don’t make sense.
Common sense is, well, common (and boring, boring, boring). I “sense” better when I “sense”, in an uncommon way, that there’s more out there to be lived, seen, felt, awed over and sunken into, even if it is reckless. What’s the point in not going there? I can see the mundane (mediocre) benefits of common sense, but is it really worth being there doing that, compared to how much more of life there is to live?
I have learnt some discipline in this time of assessment and temperance, which, i guess, was the objective from the start, (since apparently one cannot sustain an ‘alien’ existence if one is to stay on this planet.. ghmf.) but!, mundane and mediocre can both go right back to wherever (sad & boring) they came from.
I shall now pursue even higher highs and lower lows, but in a disciplined, sustainable manner. (noddy badge!)

The point (and the purpose of living) is.. there is no point.. except just really to LIVE.
(what? no mission? ..!!!! …?!)
(gets kinda boring, doesn’t it?)

That’s about as far as i have gotten with this. Now, what to do, neeeeeeeeexxt!!!!!!!?